What Is Family Mediation?

What Is Family Mediation?

In case one have just split-up, getting divorced or been separated for a while, in all such situation one needs to sort out the things.  A family mediation helps a person in such a situation.

In ‘family mediation’ (also known as ‘familienmediation’ in the German language) you will find an independent, professionally trained mediator who is going to help you to come to an agreement with your partner on the following issue given below:

They find a solution related to children custody.

The mediator helps you in child maintenance payment.

In the mediation process solution related to finances is find out like what to do with your houses, saving, pension, and debts.

Family mediation

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They also help you in a matter like keeping children in touch with grandparents, stepfamilies or in-laws.  

What happens when you go to court?

When you go to court for such issues judge will make a decision which everyone has to follow. Both the person has to follow decision it doesn’t matter whether one is happy with it or not.

In the mediation process, you don’t have to do anything against your wish. Mediator tries the level best to find out a solution that is favorable to both the parties. They also tell you how you can do ‘conflict resolution’ ( also known as ‘konfliktlösung’ in the German language)


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Even the judge suggests you have considered mediation before applying your case in court. They can even refuse to hear about the case if this is not done.  There are many people who reach an agreement without going to the court.

If you want to formally end up everything then you should apply for the court. In this procedure, you may have to go court for the hearing. To know more about mediation click here

How mediation exactly helps you?

It gives you full chance to tell about what happened.

This process of separation is less stressful, with less conflict.

The agreement between you can be changed in case circumstances changes.

Mediation is a quicker method for separation as compared to court battles.