Medical Lawsuits And Its Types

Medical Lawsuits And Its Types

DePuy Synthes Attune Knee Lawsuit

The Attune Knee System is a medical device that is designed by DePuy Synthes to improve the stability and range of motion in the patients undergoing knee replacement surgery. The device has been found connected to the complaints coming from implant receivers of pain and premature device failure resulting in a need for revision surgery, among other serious problems.

One of DePuy’s most recent ventures, the Synthes Attune knee implant, was created over a six-year period with the purpose of improving clinical outcomes, reducing recovery time, and allowing knee implant receivers to return to their normal condition sooner than anticipated.

Unluckily, the knee replacement system has been connected to debilitating injuries in receivers, many of which may need revision surgery to remove or replace the implant. As a result, the product liability lawyers across the world are investigating depuy attune knee lawsuit on the behalf of the patients who received an Attune Knee replacement and have suffered from many complications since then.

Why are women filing Essure lawsuits?

Essure has been marketed by Bayer as a safe and harmless method of permanent birth control. However, women who have suffered many side effects from the metal coils and have filed personal injury claims against Bayer.

In 2002, FDA approved Essure and thousands of women went ahead to use it to prevent the pregnancy. But there have been many cases where women have experienced extreme pain, metal coils migrated away from fallopian tubes, perforated organs and in some cases, and there has been no other option but to do a complete hysterectomy. Many women have experienced essure complications including pain, bleeding, perforation, injury and ectopic pregnancy.

Women who have filed lawsuits have claimed they feel Bayer failed to warn them of the risks an Essure implant can create. They also believe that some doctors were not trained on how to perform an Essure process. In some cases, many people felt they were pressured into getting a device.

Talcum Powder Lawsuit

The talcum powder lawsuits claim the companies of baby powder who failed to warn customers of the serious risk of ovarian cancer when women use these products for private hygiene.

Studies have shown that daily using talcum powder in the pelvic area can cause ovarian cancer, and Johnson and Johnson have known about these risks for decades. Now, many highly publicized talcum powder lawsuit verdicts have gone against the Johnson and Johnson, increasing awareness of the connection between talcum and ovarian cancer.

Tasigna Lawsuit

Tasigna was the most commonly used drug to treat the Philadelphia chromosome-positive chronic Myeloid Leukemia. And then it has started causing some serious and life-threatening side effects to the users. Because of this medication, many people have suffered from infections, coronary artery disease, tissue death, a stroke which further resulted in the limb amputation, cardiovascular problems, and in some cases, even death. You can also consult with Tasigna Lawyer for Tasigna Lawsuit filing case.

Tasigna lawsuit is also a kind of pharmaceutical lawsuits that is basically developed for those people who have suffered a lot because of this medicine. If you or any of your family member was prescribed this drug and is facing any of these health conditions then you need to consultant lawyer for tasigna lawsuit filing.

Physiomesh Lawsuits

Lawyers are filing lawsuits on behalf of their patients against Ethicon over the product’s failures, accuses Ethicon of failing to warn of risks linked with the Physiomesh Flexible Composite Mesh, negligence, and placing a defective product in the market. These lawsuits state that using Physiomesh Flexible Composite Mesh during the hernia operations has resulted in hard to remove mesh adhesions to bowels and abdominal wall that causes intestinal fistulas and other critical medical conditions. You can get the Hernia Mesh Lawsuit and Ethicon Physiomesh Lawsuit Information through online sources.

Monsanto Roundup cancer lawsuit

Monsanto Roundup weed killer has been the subject of scrutiny because the World Health Organization declared it a probable human carcinogen. Farmers, landscapers, and gardeners who use Roundup or other glyphosate products are at risk for developing the Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and other forms of cancer. You can also contact National Attorneys for Roundup Cancer Lawsuits information.

People who have been diagnosed with cancer due to Roundup or glyphosate herbicide exposure are deciding to file a Roundup cancer lawsuit. You can check for more information.